Michael D. Marker and Associates utilizes various approaches and strategies to enable businesses and companies to improve their overall performance.

By using a Whole Systems Approach, which integrates all relevant aspects of an organization (structure, systems, processes, leadership and culture), we help companies develop a continuously improving, adaptable organization that addresses the needs of the firm, its customers and its organizational members.

We focus on the entire value chain of the business, from strategy and financial planning through all aspects of product/service delivery, to customer relationship management. Our proven methods of improving organizational processes, structures and supporting systems is evident in our record of past successes which show performance improvements of 30% to 40% within a variety of result areas.

Organizational Effectiveness By Design

Across the United States, organizations are undergoing change processes to increase productivity and speed in the delivery of products and services.

Researchers have been studying organizations that have demonstrated the ability to consistently meet changing marketplace demands and to be successful in an ever more competitive environment.

The researchers found that, in addition to having innovative organizational structures, administrative systems and leadership practices, these organizations have seven attributes ingrained in all their activities. These qualities are fundamental to the way the organizations conduct their business, manage their processes and how members deal with each other. The result is a positive, proactive organizational culture that focuses on getting results in effective ways while at the same time valuing and increasing the capabilities of their people. These principles and organizational values are:

  • Empowerment . Working to increase both personal and organizational capability
  • Accountability . Helping people make informed choices for which they are responsible and answer for
  • Relationships . Building trust within the organization
  • Continuous Improvement . Always taking steps to make things better
  • Respect . Maintaining the dignity and self-esteem of all individuals
  • Results Focus . Targeting actions to meet the needs of the business, customer and organizational members
  • Systems Approach . Insuring all elements of the enterprise are aligned and support one another to reinforce organizational effectiveness

Michael Marker & Associates believes establishing this culture is critical to the long-term success of organizations. When we perform specific tasks to help clients build new skills, design organizational structures, systems, and processes that will make them be successful in today's environment, we also work to establish the workplace culture described above that will enable them to adapt, respond, and anticipate changes in the marketplace more effectively in the future.

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