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Michael D. Marker and Associates offers unique and effective consulting support to help organizations assess and enhance the structures, processes, and systems that form the architecture through which work is performed. We have applied these proven analysis, intervention, and change management activities to help Fortune 500 companies solve business and workplace problems. Leveraging our experience and drawing on the best technologies from many sources have developed our organization improvement methodologies and processes. We draw on the following sources:



SocioTechnical Systems

- Work processes are the corner stone for organization design
- Organization effectiveness comes from optimizing technical and "people" systems

Total Quality

- Customers and their needs are the primary focus
- Analytical tools
- Continuous improvement

Systems Thinking

- Interdependence of an organization and its environment
- Connectivity of organization parts/subsystems

Organization Development

-Human aspects of change must be given as much attention as business aspects
- Team building
- Action research
- Employee involvement and participative design

Lean Thinking

- Elimination of waste
- Cycle time reduction

Organization Models

- Alignment or fit of organization elements
- Categorization of organization elements for analysis and assessment


- Process mapping

Collaborative Problem Solving

- Effective group process skills/tools
- Large-scale involvement techniques

These processes apply to all areas of enterprise activity, including strategy and financial planning, marketing and sales, product/service R&D, operations, and customer relationship management.

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