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Business Process Optimization

The critical analysis and radical redesign of existing business processes to achieve breakthrough improvements in performance

If you have ever waited in line at the grocery store, you can appreciate the need for process improvement. In this case, the "process" is the checkout procedure, and the purpose of the process is to pay for and bag your groceries. The process begins with stepping into line, and ends leaving the store with a receipt. In the same way, business Core Processes are simply a set of activities that transform a set of inputs into a set of outputs (goods or services) using people and tools.

Companies have sought out methods for faster business process improvement. They want breakthrough performance changes, not just incremental changes, and they want it now. Because the rate of change has increased for everyone, few businesses can afford a slow change process. Michael D. Marker and Associates has developed Core Process Optimization (CPO), an approach for rapid change and dramatic process improvement.

Core Process Optimization delivers:

  • Elimination of nonessential work processes or parts
  • Streamlined work and cycle time reduction
  • Variance control
  • Elimination of excessive bureaucratic procedures
  • Support for key partnerships
  • New process boundaries
  • Establishment of process measures

Also considered are changes in infrastructure, such as roles/responsibilities, policies, standards and organizational structure to support the process vision. Given the definition of the "to be" state, a plan of action based on the gap between the current processes, technologies and structures is created. It is then a matter of implementing the new design.

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