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Organization Redesign

The challenges of today's business environment create a need for organizational change in virtually every company desiring to build and sustain a competitive advantage. Michael D. Marker and Associates has assisted more than forty organizations with the implementation of transition strategies that produce optimal operation and a positive culture in both union and non-union settings. This process is highly customized, depending upon the speed desired and resources placed upon it. A southern converting manufacturer realized a doubling of its output per employee and avoided a multi-million dollar capital expenditure to increase productive capacity. This was primarily accomplished through our involvement in helping them transition from a workforce which lacked accountability to one with multi-skilled, self-reliant work teams highly capable and committed to getting results.

The general steps of this process include:

  • Preparing the organization for change with communication strategies and education
  • Establishing strategic direction and setting the boundaries for the change effort
  • Analyzing and assessing the current state of the organization and the business environment
  • Designing the future state
  • Building the implementation plan and managing the transition

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