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Michael D. Marker and Associates has taken a leadership role in the establishment of some of America's most productive new manufacturing facilities. A "greenfield" startup presents companies with tremendous opportunities to create the perfect organization.

However, many companies fail to achieve expected startup results because they are unable to properly develop and integrate new people, processes, systems and technology. We have supported over thirty new facility startups in a variety of industries, and know how to avoid the common pitfalls and achieve superior results quickly. A new paper company in the Midwest was faced with starting up quickly and generating profits for its investors. Under our guidance, the startup exceeded expectations and the company realized a profit in its first year of operation.

By applying proven methodology, we will assist you in every aspect of a successful startup: from pre-startup planning through implementation and long-term operation. We'll guide you through our high performance design process, and develop a clear blueprint for what your organization will look like in the near future. We will then establish startup and ongoing operational systems that, when implemented, will enable your organization to achieve its goals.

By focusing from the very beginning on the integration of human resources with technology, Marker and Associates helps you build a culture in which organization members at all levels enjoy a sense of ownership. The result is a total commitment on the part of those members to achieving superior business results.

Once the facility has begun operation, we will maintain the level of support necessary to help you transition from startup to your permanent systems. This can include:

  • Establishment of comprehensive employee selection processes
  • Establishment of accountability for high standards of performance
  • Creation of a distinct startup organization
  • Creation of innovative work team structures that achieve outstanding results
  • Development of effective teams through skill training and team systems implementation
  • Delivery of training in team-based management and leadership skills
  • Development of compensation and advancement packages

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