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Team Acceleration Workshop

Provide a Kick Start to Project and Natural Work Teams

This workshop is designed to provide tools and build skills that accelerate effective team performance. This team training/intervention is structured for individuals who are currently in a team or work unit or those who work with others in coordinated, interdependent activities.

The objectives of this workshop are to enable participants to:

  • Develop individual awareness and capabilities required to effectively work in teams.
  • Build skills in using targeted tools to measure and improve team effectiveness.
  • More effectively apply learning from work process and group interaction experiences.
  • Build a deeper understanding of team development and how to accelerate it.
  • Develop improved team leadership skills.

This workshop uses a balance of readings and discussion for concept transfer followed by experiential application of the accelerator tools/practices within a teamwork environment. Teams are organized and led through an intense, focused process to establish team purpose and direction as well as build member commitment to it.

The newly organized work units function under defined time pressures throughout the session producing measureable products and outputs. Participants learn and practice role theory by mapping team roles and contributions, implementing improvements after analysis. The teams measure their performance improvement as they work toward established goals and objectives using appropriate metrics to accelerate team effectiveness. Different leadership theories and models are applied and their impact analyzed

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