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Building and Sustaining High Performance Work Teams

In this workshop, Marker and Associates emphasizes both individual and team learning, and guides participants through a self-discovery process that allows them to learn more about themselves and their impact on others. It's a challenging, demanding week, one that many participants have described as the most significant development experience of their careers .

In the beginning of the seminar, participants join a team whose primary purpose is to present to others what they learn about teams as they apply proven High Performance concepts to their own group. Throughout the week, each person plays an active role in a series of fun but instructive learning tasks, and the series culminates with each team promoting and being evaluated on what it has learned. Team members then explore ways in which they can apply what they've learned to their own workplace.

The process fosters an understanding of the balance between getting results and meeting the needs of individual team members. It also enhances participants' understanding of, and enthusiasm for, increased marketplace competition.

This workshop is designed for anyone who is committed to achieving dramatic improvements in quality, productivity, customer service and employee satisfaction. Participants are drawn from all parts and all levels of the organization.

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