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Training for Results

For the past twenty years, Michael D. Marker & Associates has proven that its approach to training helps develop the organizational skills and capabilities necessary to achieve and maintain high performance results when used in support of appropriate structures and well designed administrative systems.

Many companies launch new business endeavors or implement change processes only to find that they do not have the level of skills and capabilities necessary for the changes to pay off. Still others invest large amounts of time and money in training programs, but then do not see the expected changes in behavior or increased effectiveness. Even when new skills are learned, they often do not get sufficiently applied in the daily work routine and are soon lost.

We have found that off-the-shelf training materials and participation in outside seminars do not meet the complex needs of today's dynamic and unique organizations in building skills and sustaining performance improvements. Marker and Associates conducts training, not as an event, but as part of a change intervention. We customize our content and tailor our delivery to meet the specific and unique needs of each client organization. Skill development takes place through the use of intense, situation-based role-play activity.

Prior to beginning the skills development process, key members of the leadership group work in collaboration with Marker & Associates to define the skill areas to be addressed and develop a specific training plan for their organization. This plan identifies the target audience, determines the specific training to be offered, how it fits and leverages the larger improvement objectives, and establishes the overall schedule. Our training processes include linkages to insure application and institutionalization of the new skills.

Marker & Associates' training programs and workshops target productivity improvement through the subject areas of:

  • Leadership and management skills development
  • Building and improving work teams
  • Establishing organizational trust
  • Leadership team development
  • Tools for technical process improvement
  • Change management

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