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Lean Thinking focuses on the elimination of waste from work methods, layout, transportation, inventory/scheduling, and synchronization of process steps. The tools given identify the value stream for products and seek to make value flow without interruption. The objective is to substantially shorten cycle times between customer order and delivery. The net result is producing exactly what is needed, when it is needed, with the minimum amount of materials, equipment, labor and space.

Six Sigma is the premier continuous improvement. Linked to company goals and objectives, it improves quality, reduces waste, and increases customer satisfaction. The focus is on defect prevention through the use of statistical tools (rather than defect detection through inspection). These tools are applicable to any process, not just those involving physical products/materials, and stress continuous improvement principles.

Lean/Six Sigma applies the principles and tools from Lean Thinking and Six Sigma to dramatically reduce process variation and other forms of waste. Lean and Six Sigma offer essential pieces of a technical improvement game plan whose content is presented in the following workshops:

  • Introduction to Lean/Six Sigma : This interactive session is directed toward individuals who will experience Lean/Six Sigma within their organizations. Participants learn what it takes to transform their organization's performance, what changes may take place, and what role they will fill in these improvements. They gain an overview of Lean/Six Sigma concepts and analyze case studies. In addition, they are given models to help understand how these tools can be helpful in their organizations. Some organizations call this Yellow Belt training.
  • Champion Training : This training targets strategic leaders in organizations who are committed to Lean/Six Sigma. The content covers the main benefits and uses for Lean/Six Sigma and shares the successes and pitfalls of organizations that have already implemented Lean/Six Sigma. Practical case studies are used to assist in applying these tools. Participants are instructed in ways to successfully support Black Belt and Green Belt projects to achieve maximum results from Lean/Six Sigma initiatives. A key deliverable from this training is the development of an implementation plan for Lean/Six Sigma within the home organization: project selection, Black Belt selection, project communication, and resource plans.
  • Black Belt Training : This session trains key individuals in the tools needed to become Black Belts. It is built on the proven method of train-apply-review . In four weeks of instruction, each week separated by three weeks of application activity, participants complete a project to demonstrate application of concepts and tools to real problems. This training incorporates the two leading philosophies for continuous improvement (Lean Enterprise and Six Sigma) into one powerful model, Lean/Six Sigma.
  • Green Belt Training : This training is developed to match the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control (DMAIC) problem solving process. The week-long course includes critical problem solving skills required to execute Lean/Six Sigma projects. Green Belts learn how to utilize basic Lean/Six Sigma tools and the DMAIC problem solving process to accomplish bottom-line results.

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