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Building and Sustaining High Performance Work Teams

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Team Development Series

Michael D. Marker and Associates offers these workshops in order to help new or existing work teams become more self-directed by giving them the necessary interpersonal and problem solving skills. Effective teams are held accountable for the schedule, quality, cost and quantity of their products or services they provide to their customers. In order for this to occur, team members must be trained in a variety of technical, team, and interpersonal skills that are offered in these training sessions:

  • Introduction to Interpersonal Communications I and II
  • Introduction to Effective Team Meetings
  • Working With Different Personality Styles
  • Solving Technical Problems I and II
  • Managing Conflict I and II
  • Changing to a Team Based, High Performance Organization
  • Getting Results through Teamwork
  • Solving Problems and Making Team Decisions
  • Improving Team Performance through One-on-One Communication
  • Conducting Effective Team Meetings
  • Developing Standards, Expectations and Team Accountability
  • Managing Feedback and Conflict in the Team
  • Building and Sustaining High Performance Work Teams

Michael D. Marker and Associates also provides ongoing support to monitor progress and follow-up activities for developing work team systems.

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